Skin Tightening

Fusion RF

Non-invasive skin tightening and lipo-dissolving treatment using radiofrequency energy.

Fusion RF is the most thrilling non-invasive body shaping technique because it treats the skin and fat

Fusion RF is designed to uniformly heat the dermis with radiofrequency energy (RF) while protecting the epidermis (outer layer of skin) with built-in contct cooling.  The increased temperature in the dermis causes collagen contraction, realignment and new collagen production.  This results in firmer, younger looking skin.

The prospect of face lifts and cellulite treatments without the scalpel, appeals to the majority of people who are looking for subtle improvements but are not ready for a traditional facelift or surgery.  This new exciting technology has been shown to be successful on a wide range of

application including:

•Complete body contouring
•Loose skin after weight loss
•Non-invasive face lift
•Flabby Under Arms
•Double Chin

How does Fusion RF work?

The Fusion RF System consists of a radiofrequency (RF) generator, cooling module and vacum hand piece.  The RF generator produces alternating current RF signal.  The radio waves penetrate deeply into the skin at depths of 2 to 30mm causing a vibration of water molecules, which in turn generates heat.  It has a computer that can receive process and display real-time information from sensors in the nahd piece during each treatment cycle.

It provides controlle delivery of radiofrequency energy using monopole and bipolar hand pieces, for deep and superficial penetration of RF energy.  the ergonomically design monopole hand piece allows deep controlled penetration of RF energy that triggers the following tissue responses:

•Tightening of the underlying tissues, which in turn causes a production of new collagen and collagen remodelling.
•Increased blood circulation to the area resulting in the drainage of the fatty deposits through the lymphatic system.
•Heat-indued fat cell elimination.

The bipolar hand piece penetrates less deeply into the tissue for use in skin tightening procedures in areas such as the temples, where the controlled heating at the desired penetration depth may be required, and deep penetration is avoided due to the sensitive nature of the area.

It uses vacum to fold the skin, ensuring light contact and positioning of the dermis in direct alignment with the path of radio frequency.  The combination of this vacuum positioning and the cooling medium concentrate hear in the dermis, spating epidermal tissue and leading to collagen contraction and regeneration.

Is it safe?

there are geberally no side effects or post treatment downtime associated with this treatment and it can be used on all skin types.

How many treatments?

It is recommended to have a course of 4-6 sessions (once every 3-4 weeks).  This may be followed by a maintenance session in 1-3 months time.  A treatment session can be expected to last about 25-50 minutes, depending from the area treated.

Why choose Fusion RF?

People are becoming more educated about the various skin procedures and are less inclined to take risks.  Surgery can restructure a sagging face, but it does not rejuvenate the skin.  Patients are also reluctant to spend a significant amount of downtime recuperating.  This reluctance has spawned the development of Fusion RF which is a non ablative technique that can create dranmatic change without the need for invasive surgery.

Fusion RF is the most thrilling non-invasive face and body shaping technique as it treats both the skin and the fat cells