The Safest Liposuction technique has arrived.



 We are able to remove unwanted fat without the need for General anaesthetic or invasive surgery and provide skin-tightening and contraction at the same time with RadioFrequency assisted Liposuction(RFAL).

The new BodyTite Platform allows us to use a local anesthetic and perform the treatment on localised areas such as abdomen,upper arms,neck, bra-line region and breast.

This RFAL technology was developed to address the concerns and problems associated with existing liposuction methods.

RFAL is designed to deliver the features of an ideal liposuction, which are:

  • a minimally invasive technique using local anaesthesia
  • inducing uniform adipose(fat) tissue coagulation for reduced extraction trauma
  • coagulation of the blood vessels to reduce bleeding significantly

Patients experience a quick recovery with minimal pain, bruising,oedema,excellent contour with soft tissue retraction and reduced complications.